#Kindle Shorts – What Do You Think?

Image of a Kindle in someone's right hand

I’m curious what your experiences have been with short-form Kindle Books, the “Kindle Single.”

I’m wondering, if you’re a reader, how you’ve found them. Are you finding books you like? Do you prefer this short format? What is an “optimal read” for you when you decide to pick a quickie read?

I’d like to hear from you here or at my email [email protected]

If you’re an author, then how has this worked for you? I’m looking to give this a shot and put out a few shorter works a year rather than one long one. So anyone who has braved this path and his information to share would be a welcome guest post on this blog. Or… you can just email me.

I’d like to know about what you’ve seen that works as far as promotions, pricing or reader satisfaction.

Thanks. I’ll collect up what I hear and share the advice back on this blog.