Kindle Shorts – Author Mimi Barbour Shares Her Thoughts

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Mimi Barbour

Thanks to Mimi Barbour for sharing her experiences with Kindle Shorts. I’m sharing this with her permission.

Hi Robb,
I tried writing short but when I sent it to Kindle Single, they didn’t accept it. I’m thinking maybe the story didn’t have enough of whatever they were looking for…not sure what that is?? The story I wrote was just a sweet contemporary romance. But it made me realize that they have so much to choose from, they can afford to be really picky. On the other hand, with the new Unlimited rules about getting paid for pages read, maybe the shorter books aren’t paying off which can mean that the authors will go back to writing longer and there’ll be less competition.
As far as promotions go, I often buy 3 days (Thurs – Sat) of promos including eReader News, Digital books Today and maybe Book Sends and get my book to around the #1,000 – #2,000 paid on Amazon and then quickly up the price on the Sunday and ride the wave back down. Most times it gives me a enough of ROI that it makes it worth while and I know I’m getting a bunch of new readers. But the wave doesn’t last very long. Of course, when I set up the promos, I also market on social media and many times add some of the cheaper ads like eBook Stage and Booklovers Heaven (donations) on the same days to bolster them even more. It gets expensive and it takes time but if I don’t push, then the sales get depressing.
Hope this helps.



#Kindle Shorts – What Do You Think?

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I’m curious what your experiences have been with short-form Kindle Books, the “Kindle Single.”

I’m wondering, if you’re a reader, how you’ve found them. Are you finding books you like? Do you prefer this short format? What is an “optimal read” for you when you decide to pick a quickie read?

I’d like to hear from you here or at my email [email protected]

If you’re an author, then how has this worked for you? I’m looking to give this a shot and put out a few shorter works a year rather than one long one. So anyone who has braved this path and his information to share would be a welcome guest post on this blog. Or… you can just email me.

I’d like to know about what you’ve seen that works as far as promotions, pricing or reader satisfaction.

Thanks. I’ll collect up what I hear and share the advice back on this blog.