Guy #Kawasaki – No Small Enemies

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I was lucky enough to hear Guy Kawasaki speak this February at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. You can look over the PDFs of the notes I took there and posted online at #sfwc13 hastag.

Guy KawasakiHe was talking about how he produced APE – Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.  He laid out the process of self-publishing his book, and in so doing gave a nice summary of the history of eBooks. His energy is amazing.

I bought the book, and I cant’ recommend it enough. What I find, though, is that I’ll read a few pages, put it down, and then have to rush off and implement what he’s talking about

Case in point. Thanks to him, I learned about how much better Google + is than Facebook.

Then, at a yard sale, I came across a stack of his older work… at 50 cents a pop. What a deal. I am now reading “Selling the Dream.” It, too, is chock full of stuff that you must try.

One recurring theme is the importance of the right adversary. He mentions his battles with Microsoft, but he also talks about not being drawn into battles with “small enemies.” He tells a tale of being a software developer/evangelist and basically ignoring or damning with faint praise his rival over at Fox software.

I’ve been thinking about what it can mean to have no small enemies. And it helps a lot, I think, to keep your focus by simply letting a lot of the small stuff go. But more than that, he managed to make his small adversaries almost invisible. Pretty amazing. I am pondering what this means to me as an author, and I think it means that the big publishing houses are for me, as a self-publisher, the enemy. But my fellow authors… they’re not. They may or may not be personal friends, but it’s unwise to burn up energy worrying about any of them as rivals.

What do you think?