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Humor Book Looks At My #ADHD Childhood

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Hello all

All the advice I’ve been getting lately suggests that I need to have a variety of promotions in play, including a brief clip on YouTube. Today I took my first stab at doing just that, and so it’s up and running at this linkĀ https://youtu.be/ePIwBHjce7E

Let me know what you think. Karin says the audio could be a little crisper, but I was going for mellow. After all, one of the ideas I’m trying to get across is that people can chill out a bit when they grow up. But if the consensus is that it needs work, then I can redo it or just sharpen it up a bit in Audacity.

I rummage around and found some shots from the family album, and I think they work. I thought that would be better than pointing a camera at myself and just having a talking head. But… it might not be a bad idea to add in a contemporary image.

Thanks to all of you who have helped spread the word about my book. It helps, too, to encourage readers to go on Amazon and review either the print or Kindle versions.

Thanks. The book can be purchased at any number of places, including Barnes and Noble. At the moment, though, I am working on getting more attention and reviews on Amazon. Here’s that link.http://www.amazon.com/Problem-Child-Principals-Improbable-Hyperactive/dp/0988785463/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


Goodreads Giveaway – #Humor Book of an ADHD Childhood

Here’s the latest paperback giveaway over at Goodreads. It runs through mid-June. Twenty-five autographed, first-edition books will be up for the asking. They are being offered for free, but it is customary to post an honest review after you’ve won/read your copy.

This book is a humorous look at the hyperactive childhood of Robb Lightfoot, the kid with his own desk in the principal’s office. Most days, Robb wasn’t looking for trouble, it just kept finding him.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Problem Child - The View from the Principal's Office by Robb Lightfoot

Problem Child – The View from the Principal’s Office

by Robb Lightfoot

Giveaway ends June 15, 2016.

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Problem Child: The View From the Principal’s Office by Robb Lightfoot

Book cover photo of Robb Lightfoot book is Problem Child - The View From the Principal's Office - Tall Tales from a Hyperactive Childhood

A collection of humorous tall tales by Robb Lightfoot. Follow him in and out of the principal’s office. You’ll see the origins of the rock throwing club, how to create the biggest spit-puddle in the world, learn pointers about the fine art of chewing gum and discover why it can be hazardous to your health to try and sneak a peek at a nude sunbather.

Robb’s intent in writing this book, the first in his Tall Tales of a Hyperactive Childhood, is to give teachers and parents a look into the mind of a kid who just can’t seem to follow the rules or stay out of the trouble. It’s not that he tries to be bad; it’s just that he can’t seem to figure out the system. For example, in story, The Encyclopedia Kid, you learn why too much knowledge–and teaching from the back of the classroom–can get you a ticket to Mr. Lewis’ office.

The good news is that “active” kids can and do figure things out eventually, and in Robb’s case, can find their way back into the classroom to teach.

“I used to get sent to the office for talking in class,” Robb says. “Now that I’m a speech teacher, I make people talk in class… and get paid!”

For author meetings or presentations, contact Robb at www.robblightfoot.com or robb AT robblightfoot.com.

Problem ChildĀ can be found in eBook format on Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, and the Apple Store. Print version can be found on Amazon or ordered via major and independent bookstores.